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Competitive Gymnastics


While only a very few individuals will ever reach the international level, this sport offers special benefits to all who participate. Gymnastics offers some unique qualities that can have a healthy impact on your child, as it is the only sport that works total body strength, flexibility and aerobic development.

Our professional coaches will use the many different types of movements in gymnastics to teach important physical concepts to the child. Further, the development of self-esteem and the joys of self-expression through body movement are enhanced by gymnastics. Being involved in the competitive program will require a commitment but it will also offer your child the opportunity to learn personal discipline and to gain tremendous self-confidence as they build individualized goals and accomplishments. Every time your child overcomes a challenge, their pride will astound you and as their confidence and abilities increase, there will be opportunities to represent the Club in competitions throughout their gymnastics career.

Gymnasts are selected into the competitive program based on physical, emotional, and social characteristics. Physical and emotional well being, along with personal and gymnastics skill development, are the primary objectives of this program. We feel that by following these objectives, gymnasts will continuously advance in the program at a rate that is challenging and satisfying, but not pressuring.

We strongly believe that ranking at competitions and among athletes are not necessarily indicative of success. Rather, we define success as honoring efforts and integrity, achieving personal goals or personal bests, overcoming challenges, having positive self-esteem, and having the opportunity to be part of sport experiences, which lead to positive life memories.

It is our intention to provide a nurturing, challenging, and progressive program for our athletes. Our staff is well experienced and qualified; and they continue to upgrade whenever possible.

You must be evaluated and qualify to be in the competitive program

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